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Roger, 65, Retired: After 30 years of depression and countless pills I visited Dr Lily. She is brilliant at finding the root cause of the problem. I now feel like a new happy man. 

Lower back pain:

Linda, 83, Housewife: I had endured lower back pain because of arthritis for 40 years. Dr Peter gave me two treatments and already the pain is much better and I have stopped taking the painkillers. I now go for a top up treatment every 4 weeks just to keep well. Dr Peter has healing hands! 

Over weight
Philip, 58: I was 180kg before I saw Dr. Peter. I can't move fast which frustrates my boss. Dr Peter put some needles in my tummy and my legs, after 10 sessions I had lost 3 stone, so I booked another 10 sessions and now I have lost 7 stone. My boss is surprised to see my change. Now I can walk faster and my GP told me my routine check was fine. A lot of thanks to Dr Peter. 

Rose, 35, Dancer: I have had IVF 3 times, all failed. With Dr Lily's help I am now 4 months pregnant. Thanks a million Lily. 

Mary,35, Secretary: I have had IVF 2 times, failed. And I come to lily for the treatment to support the 3rd IVF, and lily told me you have the change to have a baby naturally, and after 3 month treatment I found I was pregnant ! And I have a health beautiful girl. I can't thank you enough Dr lily.


Tom, 57, Builder: My snoring had annoyed me for a long time. My Wife wanted to divorce me! After 1 session there was a big improvement. Now my snoring is completely gone and my wife is very happy!! 


Tina, 62, Retired: I had suffered terrible Trigeminal for 20 years which nearly drove me mad. To my surprise, only after 3 sessions, the pain first decreased and then disappeared totally. It is Dr. Lily changed my life. You never know what kind of miracle she will do for you. 


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